Unedited render.
This was a fun project and I'm happy about how it turned out. I learned a few things from this one. First, I learned that when I copy a modifier to another object it keeps the origin point of the modifier in relation to world space and not to the pivot of the object. That means when I use a bend modifier it will bend noticably different from the object it was copied from. The second thing I learned that is quadrify and subdivide are amazing modifiers be there will almost always need to be adjustments. I had to do some cleanup in post because some of the faces of the letters were torqued a bit and looked a bit odd. Made in Corona.
I have attended a swing dancing group in Grand Rapids for about two years. I was excited to go that night so I made this. Pretty simple. Made in Corona.
An idea that was stuck in my head. The Ink and Paint shader MR has is a bit "noisy" at times and I can't seem to get a clean colour sometimes even if I crank the quality. I learned that Ink and Paint can be affected by smoothing groups.
One of my goals this summer was to get better with colours and this was intended to be an excersie for that. Made in Photoshop only.
Cloth modifier! Learned that in order for a cleaner collision I might need to add more polys to the object that the cloth is colliding with. The room and lighting probably took me about 15 minutes to make. I always start from scratch so I can get faster, even if I improve at mundane things.
Simple. Had fun figuring out what shapes needed to be merged, accented, curved, etc.. Made in Illustrator.
Ink and Paint shader again. I'm happy with how the treads turned out. The longest part of this project was posing the arm so it didn't look awkward. The eyes is composed of several layers in Photoshop with masks of gradients to fake that studio light feel.

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