Learned some new words on this one. I also learned how important planing a gradient in photoshop is when rendering passes in 3ds max, especially when shadows are involved.
Learned to include a zDepth pass even if I don't think I need one. Did a lot more experimenting with gloss maps for this piece.
An example of a piece that didn't put me through any troubles and turned out well. Reference is key and splines make things much easier.
This piece is basically simple shapes that are "greebled" with several passes of zDepth and texture overlays on them.
With this one I learned how much of a timesink adding textures to the logs would be. Instead of a 1.5 hour project, this probably took 3 hours since I had to make several different maps for just one of the logs. There is three different sets of regular wood textures.
A prime example of me overthinking thigs. I made this in 3d and added colour to ear sphere that I had in my scene in Photoshop. I think my lesson here is that if I can make it simple I should.
Had a lot of fun with this. I already have a textured version rendered out that I'll be uploading next week. Like always, reference is key. Lighting also plays a big part in figuring out too. For expample, the curtains clearly aren't trasparent but in order to put light on them I needed to fake it with using two different lights instead of one. There are four lights total in this scene.

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