Learned the power of a gloss map. After making this I made several maps with diff, spec, and normal maps to use in the future.
Room mates were being noisy. Decided to roam around downtown Grand Rapids for a bit.
In the past Ferris had made students make a tire for a vehicle class assignment. I'll be taking the class next semester but I wanted to get a practice round it. I did actually do this all in one day in about 8 for modeling (not including render time) and another 30 min for Photoshop.

With this larger project, I learned the importance of pre production. I made a few sketches of a simple tire and tread that I wanted, gathered reference for each component of the tire, and set about watching tutorials for the parts that I didn't know.

During modeling, everything went smoothly for the most part. I'm thankful for edit poly stacks and several applications of the bend modifier. I tried out a new technique for smoothing the text and it worked well for blending it into the tire. One thing that I spend more time on is getting the shape of the rim more detailed taking a bit more time to plan the topology of it.

The biggest unnecessary time sink was oranizing the tires layout. I knew what I wanted it to look like from the start, but when I did a few test renders I would notice that a material was off or that I needed to fill in some more detail in other parts. Instancing didn't do that trick so I had to re-lay out the tires every time I changed geometry or select and apply materials whenever I added a new material.
Final Image. Added some glow around the edges to complete the new studio feel.
I read the Last Lecture by Randy Pausch and I absolutely loved it. I thought this was a pretty good (and short) quote that applied to my mentality for learning.
Not much time today so I thought I would focus on lighting with a simplistic model. I like the colours that I used in this one. I'm trying to break my "teal and grey" habit. With this one I learned effect that a background light can have on accenting the edges of the model.
Had this one in my head for a while. This place is on the way to the church that I go to and is a nice somewhat secluded road.

I discovered that I can use the "lighten" blending mode in Photoshop to composite all my light lines together without adding or subtracing surrounding detail. I'm learning that setting the curves in PS a bit above the pure black makes a nice washed out effect. Gotta get that hipster feel :P
Full moon on Friday the 13th. All the moons pictured are all from different pictures and not just the same one cloned a lot.

For this one I learned that I need to find a way to keepmy lens dry from the dew of the night. I also learned that the moon changes colour slightly from the atmosphere (you can see it go from a bit of red to blue in the photo).

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