Downloaded the floor generator script and the other tools needed to generate flooring and textures. This was just trying it out for the first time.
Playing with Vray self illumation. Found out it's just better to run an alpha and mess around with that in photoshop.
I wasn't happy with my first edit, so I redid it. This is the magic of Photoshop and it's ability to transform a sickly looking render into something decent. The partical overlay is just a few pictures I took of smoke and ash from a bonfire I was at.
I built this chair for another scene a while ago. I fixed a lot of it's topology, textured it better, and tried out a new way of scene rendering. My take away is that working with objects that aren't quads can be a headache to deal with. Also trying to lower the noise of my shadow pass.
I didn't have much time that day to make a complicated render so I made a diamond material, failed at setting up caustics, and tried a hand made material on the ground.
Blended several different long exposures that I took with my camera to make this. Did it on the drive home from the Grand Rapids Art Festival. I learned that adding layers and experimenting with blending modes, blurs, and filters can create a pretty awesome piece.
Here's the progress of my experimentation  with the shot above.
A stylized cutout of a place. I might come back to texture this sometime. I learned that chamfering verticies isn't always the best way to make a hole in a TV console.

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