I'm upset with the stupid wire in the shot but other than that I'm quite happy with it. Like the previous week's long exposure, I made sure to choose shot with the most variation. I also had the shutter open longer, I think around 20 seconds.
Took this after I moved downtown. This is actually stitched together from three different photos. The final version was 5520x6147 so obviously I had to trim it down to fit on this site haha. I learned that when dealing with a sunset, I need to take the pictures fast because the pictures won't blend together as well.
Take from same building as the picture above. It took me a couple times to get it to where cars were actually moving. I also took a seprate set of 1/10 second shots so I could make a gif in the future.
My final low poly object in the 4 object series. I plan on making each a serpate poster and hanging them in a square pattern on my wall. This took the least editing out of all of them but I still like it. I did spend more time pulling verts around after using a noise modifier though.
This is the house that I moved into! Thought my land lady would appreciate having a 3d picture of her house and it's a good way to show that I enjoy where I live now. This is just a work in progress.
I decided to go with Ink and Paint for the final version of this. I added a bit of atmospheric effect and I think it adds a nice touch.
For my final photo of my "Everyday" series, I'll copy and paste what I put on Facebook:
August 24

For my final project this summer I wanted it to be amazing, to be better than all my other projects, to take the most time and energy. I had sketches, ideas, roughly laid out 3D scenes of what was in my head. While I was sketching yet another idea this afternoon, it hit me. I was my biggest project. I had set out with the goal to improve myself and not concentrate on the content that I create but rather learning every day to gain the skills to create newer and improved things. By doing these I was hoping that rather than being limited by the program I was making my ideas in that would be limited by the ideas themselves.

As every college person does at the end of summer, I began to think about how I had changed from the beginning of break. As far as my 3D major goes, I’ve definitely improved my skills through my internship as well as my own projects. More importantly, I got to know God and myself this summer even better as well. I’ve learned how I need to stay true to God and true to myself through him (if that makes sense), even though sometimes it’s the last thing I want to do. As much as I like to rely on myself I learned that I can’t. God is always supporting me through my constant stubbornness and often times that comes through my friends and family. Through God not only am I able to find the support that I need but also to reach out to those that might need help.

Thanks everybody for taking the time to look at these projects that I made and for talking to me about them outside of facebook. 

So, here’s the project that’s never finished. Me.

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