Rock in 3D. Inspired by another artist on here who took pictures of rocks. It seemed simple enough and I thought it would be fun to mess around with the reflection of the water and to get the right "deep" feel of the shadow. 6000x4500
Tried out a fence script.
This looks simple but was actually pretty complicated. I made a long exposure in 3ds max using light materials applied to particles that followed a path. The only thing that I couldn't figure out was how the particles in the viewport followed the path but when I rendered I would get straight lines of particle spray everywhere every time that it changed angle. I'll have to revisit this.
Found a cool lego script (wish I had found this earlier for a final project for one of my classes) so I tried making different variations of them in particles using different models and colours.
Watched a tutorial on using "blob mesh" modifier. Didn't have as
aesthetical success as I wanted but I'm happy how it turned out for as much learning that happened.
One again, another low poly object. Tried out a new brush and colours :D Also, for some reason, every time I want to make a new low poly render, I can't open up a previous scene when I use Corona renderer unless I save a version without lights. For some reason, it just can't handle it.
Self explanatory :]

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