Had a lot of fun with this one. I began with making a striped circle texture in Photoshop. Then I opened 3ds max and made a sphere and planar UV mapped it. I made 5 different sized spheres and use the same UV map for all of them (remember, no scaling!) so that they would look the same excapt for their size. I did have to be careful to make sure that the spheres all had a black line at the end . I then scattered them and made sure the background wasn't visible. Then I flipped one of the textures to add more interest to my scene and then rendered it. In Photoshop I just added some depth using masks and decreased shadows. I'm very happy with how this turned out.
Rendered with the ink and paint shader. Had a lot of fun compositing. I learned that I should set the material ID of things before I copy it everywhere even if I don't think I'll need it. Instead of changing the material of things by selecting them, I can make a multi-material and change them much faster that way.
Mostly made using new scripts that I found. I'm really happy with how the ground turned out suprisingly. Took a lot of tweaking and tries to get the ivy to grow correctly.
Pretty much everything in the scene was made using a generator.
I'm a sucker for low poly art. Tried to focus more on colour here because the geometry is simple. Corona render engine.
One of the shots, unedited.
Drove downtown and walked around for a couple miles. Ended up settling on a bridge with a fence. Luckly I was able to stick my camera close enough to the fence so it doesn't show up. I learned from the last couple exposures I did and shot about 30 shots in the same spot and added together the most diverse shots (changing lanes, exiting, etc.) so that the lights don't seem overpopulated.
My first experience with particles. 5000x3750.

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