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I’ve lived in Grand Rapids my whole life and have attended three different colleges in the area. Why three colleges? After attending two years of college for Plastics Engineering I switched my major to 3D Animation and started attending Ferris State University. I have fallen in love with the blend of limitless creative freedoms and the advanced technicalities that 3D programs have to offer.

My first experience in the 3D industry was at Externa CGI where I was an intern. During my stay there I provided top-notch animations and images for large companies like Stryker Medical, TEDx, Zondervan, ODL, and Mayline. I learned how to calibrate to and exceed the expectations of my clients and offer unique solutions to improve their ideas. Aside from learning how to work faster and more effectively in 3D programs I also learned how to build, run, and manage a render farm.

After completing another semester at Ferris State I was given an opportunity to student teach at Kent Career Technical Center in the Winter of 2015 where I assisted in teaching a 3D class to late-high school students. During my stay here I was exposed to a sundry of teaching methods, gave lectures and demonstrations, designed lessons for students with alternative learning needs, and assigned homework.

While attending Ferris State and teaching at KCTC I interviewed for a position at Think Chromatic and was the second employee hired. I started there March 2015 and when I left a year later in April 2016 it had grown rapidly to a size of 11 people. My main tasks at Think Chromatic was creating photo-realistic 3D images that were used to replace digital photography, modeling hundreds (if not thousands) of high and low detailed versions of furniture, and creating VR environments. Since I was still attending school while working, it was common for me to stay at work until midnight working on assignments. My coworkers and I shared a common passion for 3D and they would often accompany me for a few extra hours and we would share ideas together, work on our own personal projects, hone each other's workflows, or play around with new programs. This information exchange allowed us all to become faster artists that delivered higher-quality work.

I am currently graduated and employed by Steelcase, located in Grand Rapids. Here I work heavily in VR and develop new applications for Steelcase.

In my free time I enjoy photography, working in 3D with The Office on an endless loop, and helping others via 3D tutorial lessons.

Please don’t hesitate to drop me a few lines! I'm open to freelance opportunities and consulting. If you're another 3D content creator I'm also open to collaboration!

davidhuizingh (at) gmail.com

(Updated April 2017)
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